CROWN CUES is proud to announce the newest cuemaker in the family - - our son, Jim Ferguson!!  Jim finished his first Crown Cues (and joint protectors) in early 2007, before he left for Navy boot camp in May.  Jim was only able to make 3 new cues, before he left, but they are beautiful cues!  All three cues have been sold and are displayed on the Gallery page.

Jim already has materials selected for his next cue, when he returns for a long enough period to build one.  In the meantime, his "Pre-Military Limited Edition" items will be cherished by those who bought them.

Please pray for Jim and for the rest of the family, as we each work through this time in our own ways.  We all believe this will be a very good experience for Jim, although he will be missed, while he is away.
MARCH 14, 2008 UPDATE:
Jim was on leave long enough to marry his sweetheart of 6 years!
We gladly welcome Sarah into the family -- FINALLY!

We just received news that Jim will be deployed in just a few weeks.


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